Edwin Diaz and 3 other players who’ve hurt their cause by playing in the WBC

World Baseball Classic Pool D: Venezuela v Israel
World Baseball Classic Pool D: Venezuela v Israel / Megan Briggs/GettyImages
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The World Baseball Classic has had many New York Mets fans in an uproar since Edwin Diaz’s injury. Rather than enjoy seeing players participate in this tournament while representing their home countries and territories, Mets fans are dreading every at-bat and innings from our players.

Diaz has lost the most this year because of his injury. Meanwhile, three other Mets have hurt their cause by choosing to participate in the tournament.

1) NY Mets third baseman Eduardo Escobar is losing playing team being away from the team

Eduardo Escobar going 1 for 10 for Team Venezuela won’t have Mets fans thinking he should be replaced at the hot corner. His lone hit, a home run, will be something he’ll remember forever. Meanwhile, in his absence, Brett Baty has done everything in his power to steal the starting third base job.

A hot spring from Baty was sure to help him enter the Opening Day roster conversation. A weak WBC performance from Escobar won’t do much to help him lose out. However, while gone, the young Mets third baseman has had ample playing time to push himself further into the picture.

At the start of spring, there was a case that could be made to hold Baty back and let him improve his defense in the minors. His bat is debatably major league ready. I think the majority of fans are ready to see him make the club at least as a part-time player with regular starts at third base and some in left field or even as the DH.

Escobar chose to participate in the WBC and we shouldn’t hold it against him. Opportunities like this only come around every so often. Unfortunately, it may have expedited how quickly the Mets start benching him.