Why the Mets should not give up on Eduardo Escobar yet

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It is a contract year for New York Mets infielder Eduardo Escobar and with the emergence of Brett Baty and now Mark Vientos, there are some Met fans who are waiting for Eduardo Escobar to become a former Met. It makes the most sense since this is the final year of his contract and Baty and Vientos are looking like they're not going anywhere anytime soon with them having nice starts offensively.

But ever since Escobar became a part-time player since Baty's call-up, he has actually played a lot better with that role instead of being a full-time player. This may be something that the Mets don't want to hear, but the New York Mets fanbase should not give up on Escobar just yet.

The Mets should keep Eduardo Escobar around

Look, Eduardo Escobar has not been having a great season overall by any means, but he has been playing well as of late and has become a valuable under-the-radar type player that the Mets should rely on in important game spots. Mets fans should reconsider thinking about wanting the Mets to get rid of him whether it's at the trading deadline, near the deadline or sooner than that.

Nobody has talked about this, but ever since Escobar has been placed into a part-time role, it has been a role he has thrived in. Escobar when he was starting saw his batting average below the Mendoza Line which made Mets fans plea for the front office to call up Brett Baty. They got what they wanted, but now look how Escobar has gotten.

On May 12, he was hitting a woeful .169 and could not get into any type of rhythm. But look at him now. Since than he has gone six for his last 12 seeing his batting average climb back at the .200 range batting now .211 for the season. Also during this stretch, he has driven in two runs and hit a pinch hit home run in the process. The Mets need a solid veteran player like Eduardo Escobar. Sure, he has not been putting up big time numbers like hitting 38 home runs during his 2021 All-Star season, but he is still a player the Mets need during important moments during games. Again, some Met fans may not like this, but Eduardo Escobar should be someone to give up on right now.