Drew Smith flirting with a fantastic year and a Sports Illustrated model

New York Mets v Washington Nationals
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Who knew Drew Smith was so smooth? The dazzling New York Mets reliever gaining popularity for the team this season has a 1.53 ERA through his first 17.2 innings of work and is becoming a clear candidate to continue to get big innings for the ball club.

He has been flirting with a bigger role out of the bullpen for the Mets since last season and seems to have secured it with his early dominance in 2022.

Smith is flirting with more than a promotion. Earlier this week, the Mets welcomed several Sports Illustrated swimsuit models to the field to throw out the first pitch. One of them, Cindy Kimberly, caught the eye of Smith. In recent days, the two have been spotted virtually canoodling or at least flirting a little bit.

Mets reliever Drew Smith has game

The flirting certainly started earlier than this because, well, if you miss your chance in person, you come off a little too timid to make your first stand virtually on Twitter hours later. But, as far as the public knows for sure, this is the moment when Smith made his intentions subtly known.

In the clip itself, it’s around the seven second mark where you can see Smith and Kimberly exchange a flirtation laugh and smile. Although they weren’t paired for the first pitch, the two seemed to connect.

Seven hours after Smith’s tweet, he got an encouraging response.

Every person on this earth—I’ll include several other species of mammals—knows it’s a good sign when a potential mate believes they are your good luck charm. Everyone wants to feel important. The future Mrs. Smith (we can only hope so) is no exception.

Mets fans are rooting for Smith in a brand new way. His Twitter feed has been filled with responses proclaiming him to be the greatest human being to ever walk this earth. Comments about how he changed their lives, saved them from danger, or simply taught them an important life lesson have all flooded his feed in hopes of helping Smith land an official date.

Did we just witness the beginning of the next Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen?

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