5 dream Mets roster additions for next winter to build a super team like the Dodgers

Want a super team in Queens? These moves next winter would give the Mets one.
Milwaukee Brewers v New York Mets
Milwaukee Brewers v New York Mets / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages
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The Los Angeles Dodgers are building their version of a super team. Now stacked with players acquired through trades and free agency, they’re showing the power of spending prospects and money to build a contender. The goal of the New York Mets should be similar. They don’t have to exactly replicate what the Dodgers do. Their sustained success over the last decade is the endgame the Mets should follow.

Eventually, we need to believe the Mets end up with a super team of some kind under Steve Cohen, right? The 2023 team wasn’t it. Nor was the 2022 squad that won 101 games. A true super team leaves little doubt about where you stand in the league.

Super teams seem to come up short more often than they succeed in all sports. Nevertheless, these five mega roster additions should already be on a bulletin board in David Stearns’ office.

1) Sign Juan Soto

You can’t discuss a super team without including the most super free agent available next offseason, can you? Juan Soto is in New York, just the wrong borough. He’ll represent the New York Yankees at the start of the 2024 season. All the while, Mets fans will keep tabs on him in hopes of convincing the superstar outfielder that Queens is the place to be.

Soto is the kind of addition the Mets need to make to turn their lineup into a true threat. In recent years, the Dodgers have traded for and extended Mookie Betts, signed Freddie Freeman, and only a few weeks ago brought Shohei Ohtani to town with the most unorthodox contract in the history of contracts. This includes any WWE contract stipulations. They then added Yoshinobu Yamamoto just to make sure everyone knew they weren’t messing around.

There are rare chances for a team to acquire a player like Soto. Him, alone, pushes the Mets closer to having their super team.