Most recent Mets draft pick at number 11 and 14

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The New York Mets will make two picks in this year’s MLB Draft within the first 15 selections. Because they failed to sign Kumar Rocker last year, they were awarded the 11th overall selection to make up for his 10th overall pick in 2021. The number 14 pick they have is the one they get for finishing with the 14th worst record.

What does history have to say about those two picks?

The last time the Mets drafted 11th overall they took Dominic Smith in 2013

The Mets have only ever had the 11th overall pick once. It was in 2013 when they selected Dominic Smith. A familiar name to Mets fans young and old, he’s still with the organization at the moment but not living up to first-round pick status.

There might not be a more wrongfully tagged “inconsistent player” than Smith. He’s not inconsistent. The good days have been far too few. He had a nice run as a part-time player in 2019. In 2020, when there were only 60 games on the entire schedule, he was even better.

Landing another Smith in this year’s draft would be a great disappointment. How they’ve done with the 14th overall pick is actually much better.

The last time the Mets drafted 14th overall they took Lee Mazzilli in 1973

The Mets have drafted 14th twice in their history. The first time was in 1971 when they took Rich Puig. Two years later, in 1973, they selected Lee Mazzilli.

Mazzilli might not meet the full expectations of a first-round pick. He was still a very good member of the Mets. He ended up spending parts of 10 seasons with them, batting .264/.357/.396 for them with 68 home runs. He was an All-Star for them in 1979, too.

First-round draft picks rarely end up being the next great superstar. About half of the first 30 picks even have a lengthy major league career. Taking the next generation’s Mazzilli would certainly be a nice pickup for the Mets.

The MLB Draft begins on Sunday, July 17. The Mets will get two early picks. Did they end up with a Smith and a Puig or is there a Mazzilli mixed in there, too?

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