3 reasons why the New York Mets had an excellent draft

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3) This class gives the Mets more depth in their farm system for the future

The ultimate hope is that both Parada and Williams can become elite prospects, contributing to their major league roster and potentially becoming all-stars. However, the short-term value for the Mets is that this draft class can help assist in building up a proper and healthy farm system for New York. The Mets have done an excellent job in developing high-level hitters, but the pitchers, both starters and bullpen, have lagged behind. 

Both Parada and Williams jump into New York’s top ten prospects, slotting behind the likes of Francisco Alvarez, Brett Baty, Alex Ramirez, Ronny Muricio and Mark Vientos and at worst, gives them an enticing group of bats to dream on. Nick Morabito’s combination of hitting upside could see him slotted in that 11-20 group, while Jacob Reimer slots in more in that 21-30 group; both being upside bats who can take a leap with a strong pro debut. 

The pitching largely remains the same with Allan as their top prospect. The far-away arms of Ziegler and Joel Diaz are right behind, and then, I think Blade Tidwell slots in, similar to the J.T. Ginn slot of previous years. Tidwell could be shut down after a long collegiate season, clearing the way for him to rise through the minor leagues in 2023. If any one of the 2023 draftees could take a step forward,they would be prime for a breakout hype next summer. 

All in all, this class gives New York some fun names to watch develop and grow in the middle of the system and two top-hitting prospects. With New York’s new value in analytics and development, this class feels like a proper template for what the Mets want to do moving forward. Combining a smart approach in the draft and development with Steve Cohen’s checkbook and the Mets could create a fearsome one-two punch for the Mets in the future.

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