3 reasons why Dominic Smith is the player to trade

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Dominic Smith’s trade value might not get any better and if it does we wouldn’t want to trade him anyway

The market for first basemen isn’t exceptional around baseball because of how many there are. A guy past his prime won’t be worth much at all in trades because of the high supply.

Smith is a little different. He’s still young, affordable, and has years of control left on his contract. Everyone from a contender to a club looking to turn things around could look at him as an option for their roster.

Despite the poor showing in 2021, there have been flashes of what Smith can accomplish. His 2020 performance was good enough to earn him minimal MVP consideration. In the right situation, maybe he can come close to repeating that career year or at least challenge those numbers.

The Mets shouldn’t expect to steal a player away from any team with Smith as the headliner. However, they also aren’t stuck selling him for nothing. The three years of control on his contract may be enough to convince a team in need of a first baseman to take a chance on him. It’s one of the most important factors a front office will look at when it comes to a trade. Before he gets a little closer to free agency, now might be the time to strike a deal.