Ranking 3 internal Mets DH candidates to pair with Daniel Vogelbach

New York Mets v Philadelphia Phillies
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1) NY Mets DH candidate when a lefty start: Francisco Alvarez

This is kind of like the previous plan except it includes a whole lot more of Francisco Alvarez. Alvarez should be in the mix if the Mets rotate through with different righties. He would, however, be the optimal choice to move from behind the plate to be the DH.

There are a lot of reasons for this. His ability play defensive is something we’re all curious to see more about. Whomever the other catcher or catchers the Mets carry to begin the year, Alvarez should be in the mix to squat behind home plate but also to get at-bats frequently versus lefties.

It’s important the Mets both give him enough time to develop and don’t throw him into the fire. There are plenty of roster decisions left to make before the start of the season. We should all be curious to see if the Mets actually would seriously consider carrying three catchers on the Opening Day roster. Can they dump James McCann this offseason or maybe swap Tomas Nido for a halfway decent bullpen arm?

No matter what the catching situation is, putting Alvarez in as the DH versus lefties frequently is appealing. We don’t want the number one prospect in Major League Baseball to take any time off from hitting. As long as he’s doing well enough, he should be a favorite choice to replace Vogelbach against any southpaw who dares to face the Mets.

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