Ranking 3 internal Mets DH candidates to pair with Daniel Vogelbach

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Daniel Vogelbach has a strange spot on the New York Mets roster. He only fits as a platoon player. He can only start against righties.

It’s limiting. On a lesser team with smaller aspirations, you can get away with it. The Mets have a much bigger goal in mind than to give the fans a good show in 2023. They want to win it all. With Vogelbach remaining with the team for now, the team is going to need to find the best righty they can to pair with him at the DH spot.

Previous reports of the club looking internally for an answer may come true although the latest rumors about them having an interest in J.D. Martinez and Michael Conforto could hint at a much different direction. The Mets are certainly not short on those options. So, when the 2023 season begins, what will Buck Showalter’s plan be? Let’s rank those internal options.

3) NY Mets DH candidate when a lefty starts: Mark Vientos

Platooning Mark Vientos with Daniel Vogelbach next year isn’t a bad plan. What feels wrong about it is how limited Vientos then becomes. We’re all aware of the defensive situation for him. Once a third base prospect, he’s now seen more as a future DH or maybe first baseman if he’s on a team with an opening.

Here’s the trouble with these two pairing up: the Mets suddenly have two players on the roster limited defensively. They can get by, however, it limits some creative thinking for Buck Showalter. He can’t pinch run for players or make defensive substitutions. When your team has two DHs on the roster, the manager gets handcuffed.

More problematic is it will delay Vientos’ growth. The Mets probably will look to trade him at some point. There’s just no place to put him other than make him the full-time DH in the future.

Only facing lefties will stunt the ability of Vientos to become a more complete player. It’s the kind of move to make later in the year when you have no other options, like in 2022. To start the season with this plan is flawed.