3 players the Mets must DFA or non-tender this offseason

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2) NY Mets need to non-tender Joely Rodriguez

Joely Rodriguez came around to give the Mets an okay performance in 2022. Under different circumstances, I could see an argument in favor of keeping him having some strength to it. Those circumstances will not change.

Rodriguez is already in his 30s and unproven as a big league reliever. He’s the kind of guy you don’t mind having as your third lefty out of the bullpen. The ability to shuttle him up and down from the minors could make him good enough to stick around.

However, because Rodriguez is out of minor league options, this isn’t available. If the Mets don’t non-tender this arbitration-eligible player, they need to stick with him until they eventually decide to DFA him.

Among the reasons as to why Rodriguez lasted the whole 2022 season is that the Mets acquired him in a trade with the New York Yankees. Miguel Castro, the reliever they sent to the Bronx for Rodriguez, is a free agent this winter as well. Do the Mets try to keep Rodriguez for the sake of winning the trade? That wouldn’t be so wise.

Call it a draw or call it a loss. There isn’t a more obvious non-tender candidate on the roster right now. Let’s get two legitimate lefties in this bullpen for 2023.