3 Mets players who dropped down the depth chart in the final weeks of the season

Was it just a bad month or a sign of more trouble ahead?
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2) Adam Ottavino

By default, it was tough for Adam Ottavino to sink too far down the depth chart. After all, who could the Mets count on more this year?

Ottavino’s September included a 0-3 record and 4.15 ERA in only 8.2 innings. He was 5 for 5 in save opportunities which was the biggest positive of all. His last three games were sloppy with a loss in the tenth on September 22, another loss on September 27, and finally a save where he gave up 2 earned runs on September 30.

Ottavino turning into a pumpkin late this year shouldn't be too much of a surprise. He was exceptionally good for the team in 2022 to the point no one should have expected anything close in 2023. We got something a little closer to a normal year from him and what we can anticipate if he sticks around.

The overall season totals were pretty exceptional, though. Aside from going 1-7, he had a 3.21 ERA in his 61.2 innings on the mound. The warning signs were there, though. He walked 4.2 batters per 9 compared to the 2.2 per 9 the season prior.

The conclusion to take from him is that the Mets need to arm themselves with another setup man. This was already obvious. Ottavino showing signs of weakness late in a year where possibly burned out should have them in the market to, if they haven’t already, bump him down the depth chart into more of a seventh or eighth inning guy rather than locking him into the eighth.

Concern Level: He's a relief pitcher and they're impossible to predict from day to day.