4 pitchers with the best chance to make a climb on the depth chart during spring training

Will any of these pitchers take advantage of their innings in the spring and climb the depth chart?
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2) Danny Young

Lefty Danny Young is a non-roster invitee we’ll get a look at this spring. Just 14.2 innings of big league ball and a 2.45 ERA to show for it doesn’t exactly tell us much about him. He’s a guy beginning his Mets career with a clean slate and a chance to shine in spring training and move up the depth chart.

The obvious advantage Young has over some colleagues is throwing left-handed. This should keep him in the conversation for a 40-man roster addition all year and a promotion the moment the Mets bullpen loses one of their southpaws to an injury. The competition isn’t fierce. With the ability to option Young as well, the Mets should have little hesitation to call him up whenever needed.

How affective Young is against lefties in spring training can lead to where he falls on the depth chart to begin the year. Does he blend in with all of the other minor league free agents or set himself even mildly apart?

Young’s competition will include Josh Walker who didn’t exactly impress last season in the majors plus a younger lefty who can quickly make him irrelevant. This guy is next on our list.