Mets depth chart: 2 players moving up, 2 moving down

St. Louis Cardinals v New York Mets
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Tyrone Taylor is moving up the Mets depth chart

Despite the arrival of Martinez, we shouldn’t move Tyrone Taylor down the depth chart. On the contrary, move him up somewhere closer to the same level as Harrison Bader and well above DJ Stewart.

Taylor has been one of the better hitters on the Mets. It’s not even a matter of him facing a whole bunch of lefties to pad the numbers. Righty. Lefty. Amdidextrous. Amphibious. Put anyone you want on the mound. Have them burp the ball at him. Taylor will find a way to produce.

Taylor enters Sunday batting .321/.351/.491 on the year with an .842 OPS. For whatever it’s worth, that’s two points higher than Pete Alonso. He happens to trail the Polar Bear by only one RBI too despite significantly less playing time. Add in his immaculate defense and the Mets have a true gem on the roster many underrated.

What Mets fans seem to appreciate about Taylor most is how he’s doing all of these things so well with athleticism. He’s not a clunky slugger who’ll only go first to third if the ball gets lost in the Wrigley Field ivy. Taylor can run and he’s using his legs on the bases and with the glove. It’s especially helpful on a roster that now has three DHs on it.

The Mets need to seriously have him share as much playing time as possible with Bader. Bader has gone a bit cold after a successful streak. Both guys have their weaknesses, but Taylor with better power and at least this year a better eye at the plate should have him in the outfield regularly.