Mets depth chart: 2 players moving up, 2 moving down

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The proverbial New York Mets depth chart which is less factual and more rhetorical has undergone both real and hypothetical changes in the last few days. The arrival of J.D. Martinez on Friday shook things up in a big way. He’ll take at-bats away from a number of players who had been playing more than anticipated and in a variety of roles. Those players who will see less action between the lines as a result aren’t really moving down the depth chart all that much. They should, instead, settle in where they were meant to be.

What about everyone else? These two players are performing well and should get more chances. Meanwhile, these other two are in a bit of a slump and look less important.

Tomas Nido is moving up the Mets depth chart

A home run on Friday caught many of us off-guard. Wasn’t Tomas Nido done as a big league hitter? He is easily one of the weaker hitters to pass through the Mets roster in recent seasons. However, Nido seems to have some clutch DNA in him, too.

So far Nido has gone 3 for 11 in his 5 games played. A major upgrade defensively and most noticeably when it comes to throwing out runners, most fans will agree it’s not much of a difference between him and their other option.

It’s not hard for Nido to move up the depth chart when his only competition at the moment is Omar Narvaez. In the absence of Francisco Alvarez, the Mets might have the pair split time a little more evenly as long as Nido can continue to hit. The bar is set fairly low for the catching tandem right now. Nido has already risen to the occasion and we’ll keep our fingers crossed he isn’t a complete black hole in the lineup.