Mets depth chart: 2 players moving up, 2 moving down

The most recent movement on the Mets depth chart.
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DJ Stewart is moving down the Mets depth chart

Exactly why is DJ Stewart still on the roster? He barely plays. With Ben Gamel around too, there is some redundancy that cannot be ignored.

Stewart is 4 for his last 30 with 6 walks and 11 strikeouts. The absence of Starling Marte has done nothing to increase his playing time. The Mets prefer to have Tyrone Taylor or Jeff McNeil in right field. What’s his purpose now? His opportunities to pinch hit have all but disappeared with many of the team’s righties performing well.

This could’ve been predicted heading into 2024. Stewart is a very hot and cold player. He was tremendous in August of 2023 and not so much in September. This year started off badly, Stewart heated up at least in terms of reaching base, and now with diminished chances he has gone frozen again.

The Mets are behaving as if they cannot send him to the minor leagues. Are they simply trying to keep the option available for them next year or possibly having it included when the trade deadline comes can increase his value .0001%?

Stewart isn’t a bad player to have on your roster. The problem is when he isn’t hitting for power or drawing walks. A below-average player overall, he’s a guy who probably needs to play regularly to perform. His limitations and better options on the roster have him sitting and watching more than actually playing.