Mets depth chart: 2 players moving up, 2 moving down

The most recent movement on the Mets depth chart.
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Jake Diekman is moving down the Mets depth chart

That ache in your chest isn’t from all of the hot dogs you ate. It’s from seeing Jake Diekman. Over his last 6 appearances, Diekman has logged only 3.1 innings. A 13.50 ERA, 2.70 WHIP, and .313 batting average against help highlight the insanity. He has walked one more batter than he has struck out. Although not alone in the maddening chaos in the bullpen, the frustration of seeing the lone lefty reliever on the roster play so terribly has become exhaustive.

Diekman is one of those veterans in the bullpen the team can’t just send to Syracuse. Along with Adam Ottavino who has pitched better of late, it’s up to the Mets to get them “right” rather than send them packing. We’re at the point of “who can the Mets replace them with?” when it comes to bullpen pieces. Although there are options, are they really any better?

There are certain stretches where an athlete can lose all faith from a fanbase. Diekman is in one of those ruts right now.

It extends back further than the last two weeks. Over the last 30 days, Diekman has appeared in a team-high 12 games with only 7 innings. A total of 8 walks and 4 strikeouts has been overcome by quick hooks from manager Carlos Mendoza. If only Mendy had someone else available.