Mets Depth Chart: 2 players moving up, 2 moving down

Players on the rise with the Mets and two others riding lows.
New York Mets v Washington Nationals
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Tylor Megill is moving down the depth chart

Tylor Megill is now the weakest link in the Mets starting rotation. Jose Quintana has pitched well lately which leaves Megill and his minor league options as a viable next step for the Mets to take. He got blasted by the Chicago Cubs on Saturday and now owns a 4.81 ERA on the season. The inability to go deep into games is a killer on his rotation status. As Jose Butto and Christian Scott look up from the minor leagues, it’s hard to justify keeping Megill in the rotation for even another start.

One bad outing against the Cubs doesn’t steal any of the good Megill has accomplished. The man has been a strikeout machine. Blowing batters away with a strikeout rate of 11.5 per 9 and barely allowing any home runs this season, we’ve seen positive signs from Megill as he unleashes his American Spork on the world.

Still, patience has worn thin with Megill. He has made as many starts as Butto but has averaged fewer innings. Scott averaged more innings during his time with the club, too. It’s understandable that the Mets want to manage their innings—Scott in particular. But rather than lose momentum each time Megill takes the mound, they need to start thinking of alternatives for the long haul. David Peterson might be someone to consider doing the same with. He has been unimpressively preventing runs by pitching to contact.