Mets Depth Chart: 2 players moving up, 2 moving down

Players on the rise with the Mets and two others riding lows.
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Jeff McNeil is moving down the depth chart

You could have predicted this. Jeff McNeil has truly fallen on the depth chart in every way possible. He is no longer an option against left-handed starting pitchers even though he has hit them better. The .215/.282/.300 slash line is intolerable. He is offering the Mets next to nothing at the plate this year. Even with a respectable 11 doubles, he is far gone from his glory days of competing for a batting title.

Iglesias is the guy who should be playing the bulk of the time at second base. Until Iglesias truly cools off, it’s what makes the most sense for a Mets team battling to get back to .500 and stay in the Wild Card race.

McNeil still carries value as a versatile defender. Unfortunately for him, this is a team that carries Tyrone Taylor on its bench and seems to have a strong affection for DJ Stewart in the corner outfield twice a week. This has left McNeil at second base where he has played good defense. The problem is Iglesias is an even better defender as well as a hitter.

Will there be a redemption arc for McNeil this season? We surely hope so. But in either case, it feels like McNeil’s time with the Mets may soon come to a close. The club has a plethora of minor league options at second base moving forward. Getting shoved down the depth chart so deep this year is a signal of what their plans will be.