Mets Depth Chart: 2 players moving up, 2 moving down

Players on the rise with the Mets and two others riding lows.
New York Mets v Washington Nationals
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The ever-active New York Mets depth chart has featured some recent movement. Although hypothetical as much as it is real, the instant performances of certain players have them, at least in theory, moving up or down from day to day. This year’s Mets insert players into games for situational purposes. However, we have also seen them grow to favor one player over another even when it goes against splits and other analytical ways of thinking.

Entering Sunday’s finale against the Chicago Cubs, we can safely say these two moves are moving up the depth chart and these two others are dropping down.

Jose Iglesias is moving up the depth chart

Jose Iglesias got the start at third base for the Mets on Saturday to give Mark Vientos a breather. The lone middle infielder on the bench, Iglesias is becoming more than a backup. In fact, he probably should be starting.

The .400/.447/.457 slash line through 38 plate appearances is impossible to ignore. We’ve seen enough of him to understand what he injects into each game. There’s a certain energy. A terrific defender already, the impressive bat skills have helped give the Mets a more complete lineup whenever he starts.

Getting the most out of Iglesias would involve playing him as much as possible. He has fit in perfectly with his teammates. The veteran presence and attitude is something they lacked at the start of the year.

Naturally, with Iglesias moving up the depth chart, someone else will need to drop. The one Mets hitter still not doing much hitting at all is the one whose job he could take.