Mets depth chart: 2 players moving up, 2 moving down

New York Mets v Detroit Tigers - Game Two
New York Mets v Detroit Tigers - Game Two / Mark Cunningham/GettyImages
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Moving up the NY Mets depth chart: Jeff Brigham

Jeff Brigham isn’t going to win any reliever of the year award. He may, however, turn out to be one of the more important bullpen pieces the Mets added to the organization this winter. Acquired alongside Elieser Hernandez in a trade with the Miami Marlins, Brigham was the less-talked-about member of this deal. Now with Hernandez on the 60-day IL and Brigham pitching well, the narrative has changed.

In 11 appearances which ate up 12 innings for the Mets this year, Brigham has a 3.00 ERA and 14 strikeouts compared to 4 walks. He has served up a pair of home runs. In fact, the back-to-back appearances from him on April 26 and May 1 are the only times he has allowed anything at all. Brigham has been used regularly in losses this month. Then again, has there been much winning?

The great benefit of having Brigham on the roster is the Mets have a guy with MLB experience plus someone to join the revolving door back and forth between the minors. As unfortunate as it is in some ways, the business part of baseball could have Brigham regularly revisiting Syracuse regardless of how effective or not he is on the mound. The bonus with this is job security.