3 lessons David Stearns can learn from Chaim Bloom's Red Sox failure and not repeat

Chaim Bloom's firing by the Red Sox is a good warning for David Stearns.

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NY Mets need to pick a direction and stick with it

The Red Sox had two lousy trade deadlines in a row. If you want to point at one week that earned Bloom a pink slip, you'd have to choose between 2022 and 2023. Neither time did they fully commit in a single direction. The Red Sox held onto too many players in 2022 who'd go on to leave in free agency. A similar thing will happen in the coming winter with Boston being even more non-committal at this year's trade deadline. Pick a side. Save the neutrality for the Swedish.

Say what you will about Billy Eppler, he drove the Mets tank with his face plastered all over it. While he could have certainly moved even more players, anyone worth their weight on prospects who won't be back next year are long gone.

The Red Sox suffered from this same fate in the offseason. In need of much bigger boosts to the roster, they settled on short term deals with players like Justin Turner, Kenley Jansen, and Adam Duvall. All three could have made good trade deadline chips. Each remains with the Red Sox.

Exactly what direction is Stearns going to lead the Mets in? We’re expecting some sort of commitment to winning, maybe to a lesser degree than this year when there was seemingly no limit to the payroll.

Stearns has, like all of us, surely already fallen asleep at night pondering about what types of moves he’d make if he had control of the Mets. We just have to hope he’s not flaky. Behave a bit like Harry, Zayn, Louis, Liam, and Niall and have one direction, not some roundabout route Bloom seemed to take.