Mets ain't never had a player like Daniel Vogelbach

Cincinnati Reds v New York Mets
Cincinnati Reds v New York Mets / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

Was Daniel Vogelbach as much of a legend with other teams as he has already become with the New York Mets? His play on the field has been solid but it’s the way he does things that makes him even more amazing.

From running the bases to just simply standing there, Vogelbach is a marvel. On Wednesday, he topped it all by walking to the plate while Milkshake played as all Mets players chose a song sung by a woman as part of Women’s Day.

The Mets tenure of Daniel Vogelbach is as fun as it gets

Remember when the Mets first traded for Vogelbach and the thought was “okay, we’ve got ourselves a left-handed option to DH and pinch hit for the catchers regularly.” That was his role. Things haven’t exactly changed but Vogelbach has been embraced as far as anyone could have expected him to be loved.

There was no question Vogelbach had all of the signs of becoming a Mets folkhero even before putting on a uniform. The sheer size of the man had “midseason acquisition legend” written all over him.

The best comparison might be Juan Uribe and even that is much different. Uribe was a role player for the 2015 Mets whose personality won people over. He was fun. He was funny. Uribe didn’t quite have the look or instant ability to go viral. He was still an important part of the clubhouse and someone fans continue to rave about.

One comparison could be that Vogelbach is Bartolo Colon in Uribe’s role. He is built the same way as Big Bart but we have an opportunity to see him move in the ways Uribe did—around the bases and multiple times per week. Colon was a once-every-five-days player who managed to stack up plenty of memorable GIFs during his time in New York.

The Mets ain’t never had a player quite like Daniel Vogelbach. He is one of a kind. He’s a treasure of the Empire State.

Vogelbach understands his role with the Mets and also the one for the fans. Athletes are meant for entertainment. In the ways he can, Vogelbach is pulling double duty by helping his team win and leaving a lasting impression on everyone who watches him.

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