Daniel Vogelbach looks noticeably trimmer in latest Instagram post

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New York Mets designated hitter Daniel Vogelbach looks slightly different in his latest post on “The Gram.” Alongside his wife, Vogelbach’s Instagram includes a photo of him in a Hawaiian shirt looking noticeably trimmer than he did when we last saw him in October. Even compared to a post from December, we can see Vogelbach has lost some weight this offseason.

Listed at 6’0 and 270 pounds, it’s obvious Vogelbach has been working hard to drop some weight. The offseason is the time to do it. Whether it’s mostly diet, a lot more exercise, or a combination of them both, Vogey is looking great.

Mets slugger Daniel Vogelbach looks like he lost a lot of weight this offseason

The weight loss can have a lot of benefits to Vogelbach and his style of play. Faster, more flexible, and maybe able to play a little more first base makes him a greater asset to the Mets than if he was stuck only as the left-handed DH. Dropping some pounds definitely won’t do a thing to improve how he performs against lefty pitchers, however, the will to stay motivated and improve his health could be a sign of his worth ethic.

Vogelbach was an interesting addition for the Mets last summer and remains a somewhat curious piece for the 2023 season. Limited to mostly DH duty and only against right-handed pitchers, the Mets had a chance to move on this offseason and explore a more permanent upgrade at the position.

Instead, the Mets picked up the more than reasonable $1.5 million option for the 2023 season. It seemed like an obvious move to make early in the offseason even if they did later decide to explore a trade. They never did nor does it seem like they ever had intentions of moving on from Vogey.

One of the first questions we should expect for Vogelbach this spring is how he did it. Losing weight is something many people struggle with, and even if this has no positive effect on his performance on the field, it’s a victory for his health and future. 

Kudos to him for working hard.

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