Ranking each of the 7 New York Mets Cy Young seasons

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Jacob deGrom, Mets
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4. Jacob deGrom 2019

The most recent Mets Cy Young award season slots into the middle of this ranking.

deGrom pitched 204 innings, allowed 154 hits, 55 earned runs, 19 homers, 44 walks, and struck out 255 batters, which led the National League. His ERA was 2.43, his FIP was 2.67, his WHIP was .971, his ERA+ was 169, and his WAR was 7.9. He had a 6.8 H/9, a 0.8 HR/9, a 1.9 BB/9 and an 11.3 K/9. His strikeout-to-walk ratio was an insane 5.8-1.

From July 5th on, Jake was simply untouchable. In 101 innings pitched, he gave up just 62 hits, 17 earned runs, 22 walks, adn struck out 127 batters. His ERA in this stretch was 1.51, his FIP was 2.21, and opponents hit just .175 off of him. During this 15 game stretch, he pitched seven innings in all but two starts, in which he went five innings. He solidified his Cy Young victory in his last four starts, in which he pitched 28 innings and allowed just one run, good for an ERA of 0.32. The one run was a homer off the bat of our old friend, Wilmer Flores.

3. Tom Seaver 1973

1973 wasn’t Tom’s best season, as I mentioned on the first page, but it was his best Cy Young season. 

Tom Terrific pitched 290 innings while allowing just 219 hits, 67 earned runs, 23 homers, 64 walks, and striking out 251 batters. His ERA was 2.08, his FIP was 2.57, his WHIP was 0.98, his ERA+ was 175, and his WAR was 10.6. He threw 18 complete games, including three shutouts. He led the league in ERA, complete games, strikeouts, ERA+, FIP, WHIP, H/9 (6.8), K/9 (7.8), and K-BB ratio (3.92).

Seaver had his best stretch from July 18th to August 1st. He made four starts, all complete games, and the last of which was a shutout. Over those four starts he threw 36 innings, gave up 26 hits, just four earned runs, five walks, and struck out 37. His ERA was 1.00 and his FIP was 1.37.