2 Mets who playing above their contract value, 2 who still need to earn their money

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Owners of the largest payroll in the history of baseball, the New York Mets have an exorbitant amount of money spread across their roster. The average payroll in the MLB is right around $160 million; the Mets match that with just their top five players.

Being a member of the most expensive team in the MLB comes with an inherent expectation to perform. Steve Cohen dove deep into the luxury tax with the goals of winning a World Series and nothing less. Through the first month of the season, we are starting to see which players he and Billy Eppler spent their money on wisely, and who still needs to produce to make their contracts worth the cost.

Tommy Pham has played above his contract value for the NY Mets

In an offseason filled with new acquisitions, there was arguably none that Mets fans disliked more than the Tommy Pham signing.

After his fantasy football fiasco from last season and stories of his negative impact in a locker room, some Mets fans were not pleased when the team signed him to a 1 year, $6 million contract. After hitting .156 in Spring Training, those rumblings from upset fans only grew louder.

However, it looks like Tommy Pham was exactly the fourth outfielder the Mets have needed. Pham has done everything required of him; he has hit left handed pitching well, provided quality defense, and stolen some bases. With his new corrective lenses allowing him to see the ball better, Pham is batting .281, one of the highest marks on the team.

At only $6 million, Pham has been a steal for the Mets thus far. He has filled in the fourth outfielder role remarkably, covering for injuries and lefty matchups and doing it well. If he is able to keep up this level of production all season, Pham's contract could end up being one of the most valuable on the roster.