Ranking the 4 Mets contract extensions for players currently on the team

How do these four deals currently rank?

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1) Francisco Lindor

With Francisco Lindor, we actually do have to eliminate the 2021 season from this conversation because he was not yet on his mammoth extension. The last two years have been much better for the star shortstop whose $341 million contract is the richest in team history. Has he lived up to the $34.1 million per year value? Most Mets fans believe so while others will never buy in.

Two straight years of finishing ninth in the MVP vote should be enough to agree on this fact. Nearly two consecutive years of 100 runs scored and RBI (he was two runs shy in 2022 and two RBI shy in 2023) would have only added to his success. He’ll have to settle with the 30/30 season he posted in 2023 while dealing with an elbow injury.

Lindor is not the same player he was in Cleveland. While he remains a defensive stalwart and can accomplish many of the same things offensively, we may never see him hit for a high batting average or challenge for 40 home runs again. What Lindor has shown in his last two years with the Mets under the contract extension is a well-roundedness. He can hit for power, run, field, and most surprising of all after the disastrous 2021 campaign, grow into more of a true leader.

Incredible expectations come with this contract extension. So far, so satisfying.