2 Mets concerns beginning to fade away, 1 that will continue to linger

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NY Mets concern continuing to linger: The age of this roster

Some things will never change. The age of the Mets roster can only get younger if the players themselves do.

We’ve seen the influx of youth onto the major league club over the last few weeks. While it has had some benefits, a large core of this roster is a bit older than many of us would like.

Players whose age is of some concern include the duo of Scherzer and Verlander along with outfielder Starling Marte. All three have shown some sign of regression this year. Marte’s may be the biggest surprise given how much younger he is than those two. At least with the pitchers we can point at the increased speed of the game as one of the factors for slowing them down.

Age concerns do go beyond those three. In the bullpen, the Mets are relying heavily on veterans Adam Ottavino and David Robertson. Getting them through the year healthy is paramount to win it all. We should expect some additions at the trade deadline. What happens when one of those two, heaven forbid, land on the IL in September?

Handling players differently is something the Mets need to take into consideration. Marte may need to sit a little extra. The pitchers will need their rest.

Our fear of an over-the-hill Mets team struggling to go the distance because of age won’t disappear no matter how many prospects they call up. This is a team that needs at least some of the veterans to perform at a high level. Unless Steve Cohen locates and purchases The Fountain of Youth, this concern will linger.