2 Mets coaches who won't be back next season, 2 who will barely keep their jobs

Which Mets coaches will be gone and who will barely keep their jobs?

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NY Mets pitching coach Jeremy Hefner will save his job on reputation, not outcome

The other big Jeremy on the coaching staff is Jeremy Hefner. He’s a survivor with this organization. His reputation has been positive. Since joining the Mets in 2019 as their pitching coach, he has managed to linger despite the team not really producing all that many great new young pitchers. It’s not all on him, but the lack of progress from guys like David Peterson, Tylor Megill, and nearly everyone in the bullpen does have to fall a little bit on him.

This year might be the offseason to fire Hefner. The problem is that if he is still well-liked by the players and is doing a fine enough job according to those who know best, what would a replacement even be able to accomplish?

Yes, it hasn’t been a good year for Hefner’s pitchers. There have been some positives, though. Kodai Senga has been superb. For at least a little while, the Mets were getting a lot from a guy like Jeff Brigham. Putting blame or handing credit to the pitching coach isn’t entirely fair. He’s a teacher. How many good ones have rotten students who let the information go in one year and out the other?

Another year like this season with a pitching staff failing as badly as this year’s and maybe Hefner is shown the door. Because there will be so many other changes and Hefner has proven he has some sort of magical power to stick around as long as he has, it’s hard to see him gone.