2 Mets coaches who won't be back next season, 2 who will barely keep their jobs

Which Mets coaches will be gone and who will barely keep their jobs?

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NY Mets bench coach Eric Chavez will find a better opportunity somewhere else

Demoting Eric Chavez back to the hitting coach position would actually be what’s best for the Mets, but it’s not going to happen. People don’t accept those kinds of negative downturns in their careers. Not even William H. Macy’s character Little Bill would standby for this.

Chavez will find a better opportunity with another team. He moved from the New York Yankees to the Mets on short notice in 2022. He’ll find a chance to set himself up for a managerial role much quicker by choosing to leave the Mets with a mutual parting of ways.

The replacement the Mets end up going with will be Carlos Beltran. It’ll be the worst kept secret in baseball that the organization intends to let Showalter go after the year and elevate Beltran to another spot. The redemption arc of Beltran following his connection to the 2017 Houston Astros and subsequent firing by the Mets after he was hired to manage the club in 2020 has already begun. The Mets already employ him. The next step is to get him some more on-field experience in something as close to a manager role as possible.

Although Cohen has previously stated he doesn’t want to hire people who will be learning on the job, many of his original intentions have changed. This is a team that has taken a step backward. The storyline alone, for Cohen’s Mets to win with Beltran at the helm after the Wilpons fired him, is juicy enough. It needs to happen. The world was already stripped from seeing The Undertaker vs. John Cena at Wrestlemania. Give us this.