2 Mets coaches who won't be back next season, 2 who will barely keep their jobs

Which Mets coaches will be gone and who will barely keep their jobs?
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NY Mets manager Buck Showalter will keep his job and play out his contract

Buck Showalter will be the Mets manager in 2024. He’ll manage out the final year of his contract and refuse to answer any questions about his status for the 2025 season. He’ll say he’s focused on the present and we’ll have a lot of awkward press conferences before and after games involving him. Stearns, or whoever else might be in charge, will have similar stock answers.

Showalter’s success in 2022 is enough to give him an opportunity in 2024. One caveat is that if the Mets truly aren’t going to build a complete winner for the 2024 campaign, does Buck simply walk away? Showalter isn’t going to quit on the Mets, but if they quit on him first, it’s sensible for the two sides to agree to part ways.

The Mets will give Showalter a chance to agree to stay in the dugout for another year with a less talented team on paper. Although he’d never admit it publicly, he’ll regret the decision because breathing down his neck will be a new bench coach vying for his spot.

Job statuses can sometimes lead to uncomfortable situations. The Mets will create one with Showalter when they replace Eric Chavez with the guy they intend to have replace Showalter in 2025.