2 Mets coaches who won't be back next season, 2 who will barely keep their jobs

Which Mets coaches will be gone and who will barely keep their jobs?
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Firing coaches is the easiest way to shake things up. After the year ends, expecting some heads to roll with the New York Mets coaching staff is realistic. The anticipated hiring of David Stearns to take over as the President of Baseball Operations has many speculating about how much turnover there could be. Do we get a complete massacre or does he arrive with only a slingshot?

We’re guaranteed to see some coaching changes as the case is in any year and under any circumstances. These four high-ranking coaches will have two very different outcomes. Two will be gone from their current positions. Two others will barely keep their jobs.

NY Mets hitting coach Jeremy Barnes didn’t do enough to keep his position

The Mets haven’t had much luck at finding a hitting coach. Where’s Donnie Stevenson when you need him? Please, no. That was fun for a week.

It seems like a tradition for the Mets to dismiss their hitting coach either in-season or after it’s over with. Jeremy Barnes took over the job for the 2023 season. He has left an unimpressive impression on the fans.

Firing the hitting coach is the easiest way to make up for a team’s poor offense. The Mets will be a slightly tougher read this year because of the injuries and for the fact that the final two months will have a lot of fringe major leaguers in the lineup. However, even before we got to this stage of the year, Barnes was working his way out of the 2024 picture.

It’s a given that if the Mets do hire Stearns we’ll see some changes to the coaching staff. Firing the hitting coach is the easiest decision of all for him to make. Regression from practically the entire lineup is inexcusable. He won’t be back. What about Buck Showalter?