2 Mets coaches who deserve to be fired after Buck Showalter, 1 who doesn’t but will be

How much cleaning of the coaching staff will the Mets do?
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NY Mets bench coach Eric Chavez doesn’t deserve to get fired

Could Eric Chavez actually be the next manager of the Mets? It feels doubtful. If Showalter had been fired without Stearns coming into the picture then there’d be a good chance. Instead, Chavez is likely to end up as one of those top managerial choices. Who are the San Francisco Giants leading toward? Chavez has a strong connection to the Bay Area from his time with the Oakland Athletics. He’ll surely remind them of this.

Certain scenarios could allow Chavez to stay put. If the Mets end up hiring Carlos Beltran, a man they already employ, it could work. Chavez gets to pad his resume a little more under a rookie manager. It’s weird but not outrageous.

If it’s Craig Counsell or some other external entity, they’re going to want their own bench coach. This is unfortunate for Chavez who left the New York Yankees shortly after being hired as their assistant hitting coach to take on the role for the Mets in 2022. We know how well that year went. He built up a strong reputation already within this organization.

It does seem like the next step for Chavez is to manage. He’ll pass his resume around this offseason. Now might be the only shot the Mets have at hiring. Most likely, he’s not who Stearns has in mind.