2 Mets coaches who deserve to be fired after Buck Showalter, 1 who doesn’t but will be

How much cleaning of the coaching staff will the Mets do?
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NY Mets assistant hitting coach Eric Hinske will go along with Jeremy Barnes

There was an internal debate about whether or not Jeremy Hefner deserved to finally lose his job. Hefner has been with the Mets since December of 2019. He was a Wilpon hire who managed to survive quite a while with the organization. I won’t discuss him much here because I do think there’s a slim chance he does make it to the next step with Stearns at the helm.

Instead, let’s discuss Eric Hinske. He’s the assistant hitting coach to Barnes and equally as culpable. The only thing Hinske has over Barnes is a long major league career to fall back on. When the debate about coaches or managers comes up, sometimes the amount of success they had as a professional makes an appearance. Hinske seems to check off this box, however, it would be a bit strange to keep him around unless of course Stearns finds out something we don’t already know.

While Hefner has built up enough of a resume and credibility to have some defenders, Hinske probably hasn’t. He seems too tied to Barnes. If he’s the assistant to him, would his approach to coaching be any different?

We should fully expect the next manager of the Mets to have a lot of input into what his staff looks like. Hinske did bounce around a lot in the majors so perhaps he’ll get lucky and a former teammate or friend of his gets hired.