5 most clutch starting pitching performances in Mets history

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4) NY Mets clutch pitching performance: Mike Hampton 2000 NLCS

The Mets closed out the 2000 NLDS with a complete game shutout from Bobby Jones. In the NLDS, it was Mike Hampton’s turn to do the same.

Once again a victory away from advancing, the Mets took the field on October 16, 2000, to face the St. Louis Cardinals at Shea Stadium. Although St. Louis did manage to piece together three hits, Hampton issued only a single walk and struck out eight batters in the series-clinching performance.

This was one of those games the Mets had in their grasp almost from the start. They scored three times in the bottom of the first inning then piled on three more in the third. Hampton didn’t have to go the distance or even hold the Cardinals scoreless. He had plenty of opportunities to secure the win and still get bruised a little. Instead, he chose to pitch his absolute best and launch the Mets into the World Series.

The performance helped Hampton earn the NLCS MVP. He was masterful in this game. Also the winner in the opener for the series, the Cardinals never really stood a chance when having to face him twice.

Hampton ended up with 16 innings and not allowing a single run. He helped capped off an already impressive regular season from him.