Blame the umpires, MLB, and those jinxed City Connect uniforms for last night's ending

Let's hold off on these uniforms for a while, fellas.
Chicago Cubs v New York Mets
Chicago Cubs v New York Mets / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

The New York Mets City Connect uniforms received mostly praise from the fans. Unfortunately, they debuted with a loss with Adrian Houser on the mound last Saturday.

No matter. We’d see them again in two weeks. Well, Luis Severino had different ideas. The uniforms are available by request of the players and Severino wanted them for his start on Monday. Carrying a no-hitter into the 8th inning on the anniversary of the last time the team tossed one, chaos ensued late and the Mets ended up losing their second game in these dashing new uniforms.

Then came Wednesday. For the third time in five days, the City Connect uniforms would be worn. Predictably, the Mets lost. This time it was 1-0 and it included a double play at the end of the game with Pete Alonso getting gunned down at the plate on a controversial play.

The Mets City Connect uniforms are 0-3 and need to go in the closet for a while

In defense of the uniforms, the Mets did lose on Friday when they hadn’t yet been worn in a game. Regardless, their .000 winning percentage is too familiar with the 2021 return of the black uniforms. What is it with recent Mets teams playing so poorly in these specialized garments?

The Mets seem to have every reason to be upset. The Chicago Cubs’ catcher didn’t remove his foot from home plate for even a second.

It’s such a short sample but for the Mets to lose in three different ways while dawning the City Connect threads is a thing only they could do. An early beating against a struggling pitcher. A near no-hitter ended with Edwin Diaz of all people taking the loss. Now a ruling that could have easily been overturned to end the game.

Why have replay if you can’t get it right?

The uniforms aren’t the real culprits here. It’s the unfair interpretation of a new rule. Catchers could block the plate for decades. Meanwhile, the Mets can’t even get through a spring training game without these ticky-tack rules being called against them on a much different play where no one was in any danger.

The two rules seem to go against each other. Are we trying to protect players or allow runners a clear path?

Umpires don’t have an easy job, but for crying out loud, that’s what the replays are there for. Mistakes happen. Use the technology to make the correct call in the end.

With no single person to blame, point your finger at the City Connect uniforms. They must’ve been made from a cursed shroud of a mummy. Rumor has it, they were shipped overseas on the Titanic in a box full of broken mirrors placed beneath a ladder.