Unwrapping new Mets players as Christmas presents

christmas presents under christmas tree in community center Lewiston
christmas presents under christmas tree in community center Lewiston / Francis Dean/GettyImages

I was thinking about how great Christmas would be,
To find New York Mets gifts underneath my tree.
All of the new players who have come into town,
To turn good little Mets fans frowns upside down.

So I asked Santa Claus, this year may I choose,
No more shirts or shoes or Batman Underoos.
This year I wish that my presents could be,
All of the new New York Mets for 2023.

It's a holiday morning. If we've learned anything from the current regime in charge of the New York Mets, there is no rest. We shouldn't expect to see them make any major moves today or maybe even within the next week during the holiday break. Let's not get greedy. So, while we gather around wherever it is we are today, let's appreciate the gifts we've already been given and imagine the newest Mets additions as holiday presents.

Unwrapping Mets players as holiday gifts

Carlos Correa is the still hot video game system you wanted last year and finally found under the tree this winter.

Justin Verlander is the aging collectible that continues to work and has a ton of value.

Brooks Raley is the thick pair of socks you'll be thankful you have later on.

Brandon Nimmo is the Jack-in-the-box that makes everyone smile.

Edwin Diaz is the new iPhone, the Hi-Tec gift that keeps on giving year after year.

Omar Navaez is a new baseball. You still have the old one, but you can always use another.

Adam Ottavino is a firetruck that will put out a fire before it starts to flame.

Elieser Hernandez is the spare set of batteries. You don’t need him – until you need him.

Kodai Senga is the imported doll. Internationally popular, making inroads here in the USA.

Jose Quintana is the old toy that used to be popular and has becomes popular once again.

And don't forget,

Jacob deGrom is the coal Santa Claus uses to fill the stockings of naughty little boys and girls.

And I heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight,

Merry Christmas to all, Let's go Mets, and good night!

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