Chris Bassitt vs. the National League West

New York Mets v San Diego Padres
New York Mets v San Diego Padres / Denis Poroy/GettyImages

Chris Bassitt is now 4-4 with a 4.35 ERA. At his best, he was 4-2 with a 2.34 ERA on the season. This all came before the New York Mets ventured out to California.

In three of his last four starts, Bassitt has gotten knocked around. The lone good game—a Mets win in a no-decision for him—came against the Philadelphia Phillies at Citi Field. The three duds were all on the road and against one of the three National League West clubs challenging for a playoff spot.

Mets pitcher Chris Bassitt has had his worst games against the National League West elite

Even going back to his first loss on the season on April 20, we see the theme continue. It was a home game where the San Francisco Giants scored 5 earned runs against him in 6 innings of work. It was his first non-quality start of the year. Expected for even the best pitchers, there wasn’t enough of a sample for anyone to connect dots.

The Giants blasted him again on May 24 in San Francisco when he gave up 8 earned runs in 4.1 innings. On June 3, it was the Los Angeles Dodgers’ turn. They scored 4 times (3 earned) versus Bassitt in 6 innings. Finally, there was Bassitt’s most recent appearance. In 3.1 frames versus the San Diego Padres, Bassitt gave up 7 runs (6 earned) and saw his record drop to an even .500 on the year.

The Mets lost each game Bassitt started versus National League West teams. His other loss came against the Atlanta Braves on May 2 in what would still be considered a quality start; 7 innings and 3 earned runs. He should get more chances to face Atlanta later on. So far, those lone major hiccups have come against a single division’s best.

Bassitt hasn’t been imperfect versus the division as a whole. On April 15, he got his second Mets win when he helped take down the Arizona Diamondbacks. At the time, they seemed a bit more formidable than they do today. Bassitt has also started two wins against the St. Louis Cardinals. One was a good game from him and the other, the no-decision, wasn’t so stellar. It was his only game with 4 earned runs or more versus a non-NL West club.

It’s a little strange for Bassitt’s worst games to all come in the state where he pitched half of his career until this season. But there is also a simpler explanation than geography. Those teams are good. When Bassitt has faced them, he hasn’t been.

Mets fans are a little concerned about Bassitt right now. They can be even if they don’t think he will fall apart. A weakness against the best teams in the league is noteworthy. He’ll get a chance to prove himself against the Milwaukee Brewers next.

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