Checking in on the Chris Bassitt deal with the Athletics

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Chris Bassitt has been a big part of the New York Mets season. In 17 starts, Bassitt gave the Mets team-leading 102 innings in the first half and a 3.79 ERA.

The offseason trade that brought him to New York wasn’t met with all that much criticism. He was a guy many were hoping the team would add even only as a rental. The relationship between Bassitt and the Mets could continue beyond 2022 but we’ll focus on that after the season is over.

Right now, it’s time to check in on how the two players the Mets traded away for him have performed.

The Mets have gotten a lot out of the Chris Bassitt trade, what about the Athletics?

The cost to acquire Bassitt from the Oakland Athletics wasn’t a whole lot unless you hug prospects too tightly. J.T. Ginn and Adam Oller were the two Oakland accepted. Not much has been mentioned about the pair. It’s easy to see why.

Ginn was the main piece the Mets gave up for Bassitt. He had a strong 2021 debut season as a professional, going 3-4 with a 3.38 ERA in 10 minor league starts. However, this season with Oakland’s Double-A squad in Midland, Ginn is 0-2 with a 6.48 ERA in five starts. Currently on the IL, they’re going to have to be patient before benefitting from this trade whatsoever.

Oller actually got to taste some big league innings with the Athletics earlier this season. It didn’t go so well. In 23 innings spread across some starts and relief appearances, he was 0-3 with a 9.00 ERA. Down in Triple-A, through 7 starts and 31.2 total innings, he has been much better. The 27-year-old is 3-0 with a 3.69 ERA on the farm. Because of his age, late-bloomer status is the best Oakland can hope for out of him.

At the All-Star break, the Mets are the runaway winners in this trade. But was there ever any doubt they would be? The trade was set up for them to take the early lead. And unless Ginn at any point can replicate close to what Bassitt ultimately gives them, this trade will go down as a victory for New York.

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