3 changes the Mets should make after blowing the series against the Reds

New York Mets v Cincinnati Reds
New York Mets v Cincinnati Reds / Dylan Buell/GettyImages
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3) The NY Mets need to look for unorthodox answers to their starting pitcher woes

There isn’t much the Mets can do to get us all excited for the starting pitching staff right now. Chase Anderson is a free agent and as much as he brings our pulse rate down, it couldn’t hurt to see what he can offer them. There isn’t a Mets fan out there eagerly anticipating the return of Carlos Carrasco. He isn’t going to save this team.

The Mets have exhausted many of their reasonable starting pitcher options already with Joey Lucchesi already going on the decline. Should Jose Butto get another shot? Do they give Dylan Bundy the promotion despite him getting rocked around in Triple-A?

Maybe the answer isn’t one level below the majors and instead down in Double-A. Mike Vasil is off to a fine start for Binghamton. Through 22 innings he is 0-1 with a 3.27 ERA. He has struck out batters at a rate of 13.9 per 9 and has issued walks at a rate of 1.6 per 9. Sending one of the pitchers down and speeding up Vasil’s MLB debut is a huge leap but one to consider with no other obvious answers. Mid-May isn’t the time when you can typically acquire a starting pitcher upgrade in a trade without overpaying.

We can name a lot of things the Mets need to change but the most important is to do it differently. Stop defining insanity and waiting for the bruises to heal on their own.