3 changes the Mets should make after blowing the series against the Reds

New York Mets v Cincinnati Reds
New York Mets v Cincinnati Reds / Dylan Buell/GettyImages
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2) The NY Mets need to completely shake up the lineup

We’re already seeing the Mets make some changes to the starting lineup. Baty is hitting higher, Starling Marte is hitting lower, and the top of the order has been put in a can then shaken. 

How about this; get as unorthodox as needed. Bat Pete Alonso second. Put Alvarez right in the center of the order. Place Brandon Nimmo third. Drop Francisco Lindor. Get whacky. Use a dartboard if you need.

Buck Showalter already put together a starting lineup in the spring that went alphabetically. Could something as preposterous as this actually get the Mets to start hitting better?

This isn’t a matter of players struggling to see the ball or everyone dealing with a nagging injury. They just aren’t showing off the talent we know they have in them.

Try it once. So far, all of the changes Showalter has made have failed to get the message across. At this point it couldn’t hurt to try anything. Put them in order by height. Have Buck actually rank which players he genuinely likes and which ones get on his nerves and assemble the batting order that way. Whatever it takes, try something different.

Oh, and of course, do it with Mauricio or Vientos in the lineup, too. That’s a given.