4 changes every Mets fan should want to see

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4) NY Mets move every fan should want to see: Trade for a top relief pitcher

Since Edwin Diaz's injury in the World Baseball Classic, the Mets have been playing short options in a high-leverage situation. David Robertson has done an excellent job as a closer, but for a high-use bullpen like the Mets', the team needs more bullpen arms.

Robertson has been supported by Adam Ottavino, who has done a good job, and Drew Smith. Brooks Raley hasn't been able to show enough health, and the rest of the bullpen is overused and underperforming.

This opens the need to acquire a top arm on the market. Among the options that stand out is included Liam Hendriks, who would be the most in-demand.

Including Hendriks in the Mets bullpen would give the team the best options in a high-leverage situation, guaranteeing more wins in low-score difference games. If they don't acquire an arm like Hendriks', the Mets could migrate to a higher-cost candidate in Alexis Diaz or a familiar face in New York for a lower cost in Aroldis Chapman.

Chapman has been pitching well with the Kansas City Royals showing elite speed in the league. Also, other options that would be available at low cost would be Reynaldo Lopez of the Chicago White Sox, Daniel Bard of the Colorado Rockies, or Scott Barlow of the Kansas City Royals.

In either case, the Mets need more reliable, efficient, power options in the back of the bullpen if they want to make the postseason and compete for the National League title. Fans certainly need to see the team move to the trade market for options that make them confident the team is heading in the right direction.

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