4 changes every Mets fan should want to see

Houston Astros v New York Mets
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The New York Mets find playing their worst baseball in a long time. The team has been having problems in different facets of the game, both on offense and in starting pitching including the bullpen.

The team lacks that spark that has been evident since the first games of last season. Despite building a roster with big stars, this underperforming has impatient Mets fans wanting to see some drastic changes materialize.

1) NY Mets move every fan should want to see: Trade away Eduardo Escobar

The wait for Eduardo Escobar to resurface at the plate has ended. The team has limited Escobar to a low-involvement bench role since Brett Baty took over at third base.

While Baty demonstrates his ability to produce at the plate, Escobar hasn't adjusted even now that the shift has been banned in MLB. Escobar's production this 2023 has been nil, producing well below the league average in each offensive category.

Since joining the Mets in 2022, Escobar has hit the lowest level of his career since 2012, with 2022 marking his second career-highest strikeout year. Likewise, his defense which was supposed to be an upgrade for the Mets at third base, was the worst of his career in 2022, posting a DRS of -11.

His defense at second and third base hasn't been up to scratch. His fWAR is negative for the third time in his 13-year MLB career.

Escobar has already lost the role and playing time necessary to make an impact on the team this season. However, being on the roster he occupies a position that could be used by a prospect who can generate more production in MLB. The Mets should consider trading Escobar for very little return or absorbing most of his remaining salary.