How much will it cost the Mets to sign Carlos Rodon?

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The New York Mets currently have multiple holes in their starting rotation with only Max Scherzer and Carlos Carrasco as certified locks going into the 2023 season. General Manager Billy Eppler currently has his work cut out for him this winter and one intriguing name that has been tied to the Mets this offseason is 29-year-old left-handed pitcher Carlos Rodon.

While it seems one of the Mets' primary goals this offseason is to find a way to bring back current free agent ace Jacob deGrom, Rodon presents himself as an interesting secondary option in free agency should deGrom choose to move on from the only organization he has ever known. Last winter Rodon had signed a 2-year $44 million contract with the San Francisco Giants only to opt out of the final year of the deal after putting together a stellar 2022 campaign. This winter Rodon is now looking to cash in on a longer-term pact while in his prime.

Carlos Rodon is going to be asking teams like the Mets to back the Brinks truck up for him during free agency this winter

Rodon's numbers from last season include a 2.88 ERA to go along with 237 strikeouts over 178 innings and an outstanding 1.028 WHIP. When it comes to what Rodon may be lookng for on the market, it's certainly going to be a longer term contract that financially may put him within the upper echelon of starting pitchers in baseball. Rodon also may opt to wait and watch where Jacob deGrom lands and see what type of money deGrom recieves prior to inking a deal this offseason.

Rodon is predicted by MLB Trade Rumors to land a 5-year $140 million this offseason with a prediction of him landing with our beloved New York Mets. I can see Rodon landing a deal with a total anywhere between $125 - $160 million this winter and if the Mets are going to get a deal done I believe that cost will be spread out over five to six years. I do believe the Mets would go to the higher end of that monetary figure if they lose deGrom in order to make sure they lock up another top-of-the-rotation starter.

As we've previously seen, Mets Owner Steve Cohen is no stranger to ponying up cold hard cash to improve this team's roster, and Rodon wouldn't be an exception to the rule should the Mets pivot their full attention to him. Again this will all be based on where Jacob deGrom chooses to pitch in 2023 and beyond.

My prediction in regards to Rodon is there will undoubtedly be a bidding war for his services this offseason, as it's rare for a frontline starting pitcher to enter free agency when they seem to have just entered their prime. I believe when all the dust settles Rodon signs a six-year $155 million deal and it very well may be with the Mets.

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