3 destinations for Carlos Carrasco if the Mets sell at the trade deadline

Chicago White Sox v New York Mets
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2) Second trade destination for NY Mets pitcher Carlos Carrasco: Baltimore Orioles

The Tampa Bay Rays American League East rivals the Baltimore Orioles may be another suitor for Carlos Carrasco at the trade deadline, as both of these teams are currently neck and neck in the AL East standings. The Orioles are also one of the many contenders who may be looking to add another arm or two for the stretch run, and Carrasco could be the perfect candidate.

One question that has surrounded the Orioles this season is how long their starting pitching will hold up over the course of the 162-game season. So far so good, but I can imagine they are currently scouring the trade market to find some stability to add to an unproven rotation heading into the stretch run.

Carrasco could also provide the Orioles with some veteran leadership down the stretch for a young ballclub looking to make some noise in October. Carrasco could easily slide into the back end of the Orioles' rotation or provide them with a long-reliever out of the bullpen.

Either way, Carrasco to the Orioles seems like one of those fits that a young ballclub on the brink of the playoffs makes when looking to take that next step, as having somebody such as Carrasco in that young dugout would be extremely beneficial to their 26-man roster.