3 destinations for Carlos Carrasco if the Mets sell at the trade deadline

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The New York Mets have a few assets they could sell off at this year's trade deadline if they choose to move in that direction within the next week and a half. One of those assets is starting pitcher Carlos Carrasco, who is scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent this winter.

While Carrasco has been ineffective for the most part of the season, he could certainly provide some value to contending teams looking to build upon their starting pitching depth down the stretch. There are three organizations that I believe he would be a good fit for and that I also believe the Mets could make a deal with at this year's trade deadline.

1) First trade destination for NY Mets Pitcher Carlos Carrasco: Tampa Bay Rays

Let's be honest, this would be a typical Tampa Bay Rays move where they seem to buy low on a player, take him into their pitching lab, and in turn make him into a brand-new effective pitcher. The Rays and Mets recently connected on a trade this offseason for reliever Brooks Raley, so the familiarity is already there between both front offices.

The Rays have been decimated by injuries this season to their starting rotation, and a player such as Carrasco would provide them with a veteran pitcher they can rely on as well as provide some stability over the final two months of the season. I believe the Rays may be the strongest bet of the teams who are looking to land Carrasco just due to their track record and philosophy on acquiring pitchers.

I wouldn't envision the Mets getting a large haul in return for Carrasco from the Rays or any other interested organization. I believe the ceiling may be getting an A-ball prospect back for Carrasco, but for a player who has no future with the organization after this season, netting any kind of value in return is a huge plus.