Mets call up pitching prospect with nasty strikeout numbers to help the bullpen

The Mets will hope he is more successful than some others they've tried.
New York Mets Photo Day
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Ty Adcock took one for the team on Friday and was rewarded with a trip back to Syracuse. He’ll be replaced on the New York Mets roster by Eric Orze, a 26-year-old righty with some nasty strikeout numbers.

In 38.1 innings for Syracuse, Orze pitched to a 3.76 ERA. Wild at times with a 5.2 per 9 walk rate and prone to the long ball at 1.6 per 9, his crowning glory was a strikeout rate of 13.1 per 9. The exact total is 56 strike three calls against hitters when Orze is on the mound.

This comes as no surprise. Throughout his professional career, getting strike three called against batters has been his greatest gift. He’ll join the Mets with a lifetime rate at 12.3 per 9 and see if it can translate into some big league success.

The Mets are giving a deserving prospect a chance over yet another journeyman reliever

We can expect the Mets to try whatever they can in the bullpen before they need to decide if they’re trade deadline buyers or sellers. This means promotions for players like Orze who’ve shown flashes of success in the minor leagues before.

Orze had a spectacular rookie year which saw him propel from High-A to Triple-A in one season. He has been with Syracuse ever since only to finally regain what made him a prospect to watch back in 2021 when he first debuted.

The Mets have actually been more successful this year with kids like Orze. Dedniel Nunez has been huge for the Mets. Unlike Adcock, Cole Sulser, or Danny Young among the other veterans signed by the Mets, Nunez has yet to break down. He is absolutely in the running for a role with the team next season as they’ll have several open spots.

Unless someone beats him to the mound, Orze will be the 30th pitcher used by the Mets this season. They’ve reached this number only five times in the past. Every year from 2018 onward with the exception of the shortened 2020 campaign has included 30 men pitching for the Mets. The record is 42 set by the 2021 Mets. It wouldn’t be unwise to be the “over” with a trade deadline looming.