When Mets fans can expect to see Francisco Álvarez back in MLB

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It was announced by the New York Mets this past week that top prospect and catcher Francisco Álvarez will be optioned to the minor leagues to begin the season. The move was imminent with the team already carrying two other catchers on their roster, Omar Narváez who they signed in the offseason on a two-year deal, and backup Tomás Nido.

But with expectations high for Álvarez to make an immediate impact on the Mets, some Mets fans have to ask, are we going to see him hit the big leagues this season. We have seen the potential but when will it translate on the big stage?

When will Mets fans see Francisco Álvarez in MLB this season?

Some Mets fans are probably upset that we will not see Francisco Álvarez begin the season in the majors but it should not be something to be worried about at all. After all, Álvarez is only 21-years-old so he has plenty of time to develop into being the star player the Mets hope he can be.

Having said that, I think we will have a chance to see Álvarez in the big leagues again, but do I think it will be right away, I don't think so. As I said, the Mets are already carrying two catchers on their roster so we will probably not see a whole lot of playing time. There is no room on the roster for him to play on an everyday basis. Plus, say either Narváez or Nido suffer an injury, the Mets will more than likely turn to a more experienced catcher they brought in, Michael Perez to take over the reins. You also have to take into account that Álvarez when he came up last season did not perform well. He only had two hits in 13 at-bats and sure one of the hits was a home run, but for the most part, had a hard time making contact.

If he does indeed get called up, I see it happening at the end of August. The reason why is, it will give him more time to get ready for the minor leagues and it is around the time teams expand their rosters. Bringing in Álvarez right away is a terrible idea. Don't get me wrong, he will be a great hitter but he just needs some time. Give him a good portion of the minor league season to get more acclimated and be more mature and I think we will see Francisco Álvarez back in the major leagues very soon.

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