Mets bullpen options: 1 who won't get a chance before the trade deadline, 2 who might

Will the Mets use any of these pitchers in the bullpen before the July 30 trade deadline?
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Max Kranick could give the Mets multiple innings

Max Kranick was added this offseason as starting pitching depth for the Mets. However, an injury pushed him out of the picture and he has toiled away in Triple-A pitching mostly in relief ever since. The need for him hasn’t come up anyway. In fact, Kranick’s chances of pitching for his childhood team increases if he can excel as a reliever. 

Kranick has done well in Triple-A, pitching to a 3.53 ERA in 2 starts and 16 relief appearances. The 35.2 innings have yielded a walk rate of 3.3 per 9 and strikeouts at 7.3 per 9. He has been prone to the home run ball as many of Syracuse’s pitchers, even Christian Scott, have been. His rate is at 1.8 per 9.

Carlos Mendoza would appreciate Kranick because of his ability to go multiple innings. Despite the team having Adrian Houser, they’ve used others for more than three outs on a regular basis. One could argue it’s one of the reasons why Reed Garrett landed on the IL recently.

Kranick lucked out by receiving a fourth option year due to a service time loophole. The Mets, having already used that option on him, should at least see what he can offer. They probably won’t strike gold, however, Kranick can at least join a list of arms shuttled back and forth from the minors for the remainder of the season.