Mets bullpen options: 1 who won't get a chance before the trade deadline, 2 who might

Will the Mets use any of these pitchers in the bullpen before the July 30 trade deadline?
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The New York Mets have an open competition in the bullpen. Many have fallen. Few internal options remain.

In fact, outside of something bold like calling up Brandon Sproat to the majors in what has been a dazzling year as a starter, there aren’t a whole lot of realistic options for the team to turn to among those we have yet to see.

A couple of players in Syracuse look like viable options to test on the big league roster before the trade deadline arrives. One candidate probably won’t get his chance in the next two-plus weeks while another pair could be more realistic options.

Tylor Megill is only starting rotation depth for the Mets moving forward

Keeping Tylor Megill in Syracuse stretched out to start games for the Mets is likely the direction they go. What about giving him the Jose Butto treatment and recalling the failed starter and seeing what he can deliver as a bullpen arm? Megill has shown he can get big league outs. His problems seem to be early in outings or once he gets into the fourth or fifth inning.

The early struggles this season for Megill won’t help his case to be a bullpen arm as it defeats the purpose of limiting how many innings he tosses. Pitchers don’t naturally just stink in the first inning they pitch, though. There is more to it. Megill as a reliever would be completely unpredictable but it’s worth a chance.

Don’t expect destiny to call him before the trade deadline, though. With the recent DFA of Joey Lucchesi, the Mets don’t have nearly as much starting depth as they previously did.