A bullpen gamble the Mets should be willing to make

The Mets are in the business of bullpen gambles and this Tommy John graduate is someone to consider.
Division Series - Cleveland Guardians v New York Yankees - Game Two
Division Series - Cleveland Guardians v New York Yankees - Game Two / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

If the New York Mets are going to continue taking chances on relief pitchers, they should open themselves up to yet another former member of the New York Yankees staff. They’ve already brought over bench coach Carlos Mendoza to be their manager. Luis Severino will be a part of their starting rotation as well.

A much smaller move would be to sign free agent Lou Trivino. Remember him and his 25 games for the Yankees in 2022? Acquired from the Oakland Athletics midseason, Trivino lost all of 2023 due to Tommy John Surgery. He’d fit well with the theme of the Mets offseason thus far. He may require a second-year option considering the timetable for his return would at best have him coming back to the mound in mid-2024.

Signing Lou Trivino to a one-year deal with an option for 2025 is a worthwhile move for the Mets

Trivino’s lifetime numbers came mostly with the Oakland Athletics and include a 21-25 record and 3.86 ERA. He saved 22 games for them in 2021 and pitched to a 3.18 ERA during his first stint finishing off games on a regular basis for them.

Not nearly as good in 2022, Trivino had a 6.47 ERA at the time of his departure from Oakland. Fortunately for him, his 1.66 ERA in 21.2 innings for the Yankees sticks out like a healthy thumb on a hand of sore fingers.

The Mets are on their heels and not their toes at the moment. They can afford to wait on Trivino, maybe more so for a return in 2025 than what he can offer in 2024. A team option for that season along with a very low-cost salary for the 2024 campaign can allow them to get a closer look at Trivino for a season while assessing if he has in fact gotten his health back. Add in some incentives for innings pitched. Even include a vesting option if you must.

A pitcher like Trivino with more than one good season in his past and some excellent postseason numbers—a solo home run in 9.1 innings is the only run he has allowed—should have him on the Mets’ radar. David Stearns has already made plenty of moves fitting this mold. What he has yet to do is make a commitment to a guy they know for sure won’t be available on Opening Day but could have a big role on the team when healthy.